Consumer Advisory: APR Rates Range From 5.99% to 35.99% Maximum APR for qualified consumers

Responsible Lending

Responsibility as Part of Business Model

We believe in a simple model: success is based on reputation, and reputation stands on trust. With this formula in mind, we’ve spent a lot of time building up a strong network of reliable lenders.

High Standards for Lenders

We set up high standards for our lending participants. To be included as financial services providers in our list, they must have a flawless standing in the loans business and strictly follow the letter of the law. Among those laws are:

  • fundamental Fair Lending laws, such as Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA); Fair Housing Act; Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA); and Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).
  • Truth in Lending Act;
  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act;
  • Local legislation covering lending practices in different states of the country. Please, remember that there are states that do not allow payday loans. More information about them can be found on our page for Rates and Fees.

Our team strongly encourages you to look through all these regulations to get an insight into the lending ethics and your rights. We also find it crucial to remind you that payday loans aren’t intended to be a financial cure-all. They fit emergencies but cannot solve long-standing budget problems. If you’re facing a persistent difficult situation, it’s better to seek advice from credit counseling specialists. Do not apply for a payday loan in case you can’t afford repayments.

Our Principles

We understand that applying for a payday loan means that you’ve found yourself in a challenging situation. To ensure you that nobody takes advantage of your temporal vulnerability, we’ve laid down the following rules:

  • Responsible funding: we render our services to employed residents of the United States with a steady source of income. This means that you will be given a loan through this platform only if there is evidence you can repay it;
  • Minors not allowed: we ask for your ID for a reason. Services of our platform are not designed for people under 18 years old;
  • No odd questions: our application form requires only those personal details of yours that are really necessary to provide you with funding;
  • Honesty is the best policy: we DO NOT insist that there is no other way. On the contrary, we place special emphasis on the fact that there are alternatives to payday loans. Credit unions, banks, friends or family may offer you a less costly solution;
  • Your experience matters: we did our utmost to organize a large network of lenders with fair lending practises. However, if you feel that your lender violates one of the Fair Lending laws, please, inform us about this incident. The violator will be removed from our platform straightaway.

Important Notice

We do not lend money. Instead of this we afford ground for lending and borrowing. Consider us a means to an end in case when urgent assistance is needed. However, serving as a link between you and a lender, we do not answer for your communication with each other and have no knowledge over your loan agreement. In case you have questions about your offer, you should address them to your lender, not to us.

APR Disclosures & Repayment Terms

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) measures the cost of credit, expressed as a nominal yearly rate. It relates to the amount and timing of value the consumer receives to the amount and timing of payments made. MotiveLoan cannot promise a specific APR. Our lending partners set the APR on loans and repayment terms. since we are not a lender ourselves. An APR can generally run between 5.99% up to 35.99%. Loan products generally have a 61-day minimum repayment term and a 72-month maximum repayment term. Before accepting a loan from a lender within our network, Read the terms of your loan carefully before accepting and signing a loan contract.

Loan Amount$1,000$2,000$5,000$10,000
Interest Rate24%19%13%8%
Loan Term12 Months24 Months48 Months60 Months
Fee Cost$30$100$400$1,000
Total Payments$1,134.74$2,419.68$6,320.12$12,136.80
Total Costs$164.72$519.68$1,720.12$3,136.80

Financial Implications (Interest & Finance Charges) is not a lender, and we cannot predict what fees and interest rates will be applied to the loan you will be offered. It is your lender that will provide all the necessary information about the cost of the loan before you get approved. You are responsible for perusing the loan agreement carefully and accepting the offer only if you agree to all the terms. service is free of charge, and you are under no obligation to accept the terms that the lender offers you.

Implications of Non-Payment

When you accept the terms and conditions for a loan, you enter into a commitment to repay the amount you owe, according to the specific schedule outlined in the documents. In the event of non-payment, additional charges may be applied. Late payment penalties vary by lender, and as is not involved in the lending process, we cannot supply any information on the fees you will incur if any disruptions occur. For more information, please contact the lender directly if you have any issues related to your loan repayment.

Potential Impact to Credit Score is not a lender, and we do not check your credit standing and credit capacity. When you submit a request on our online platform, this is considered a soft inquiry and does not impact your credit score. However, some lenders may carry out a credit check to ascertain your eligibility for a loan. They will most likely turn to one of the three major credit bureaus: Transunion, Experian, or Equifax. When the lender inquires about your credit via these platforms, that inquiry will be considered a hard inquiry, affecting your credit score.

Collection Practices is not a lender. As such, we are not involved in any debt collection practices and cannot make you aware of any of them. Your lender will specify their collection practices in your loan agreement. If you have any questions regarding the loan collection, please address them with your lender. For more information, visit our page for Responsible Lending.

Loan Renewal Policies

Loan renewal options are not always available. It is therefore advisable to clarify whether the option is available with your lender. Be sure to carefully read and understand the renewal policy presented in the agreement before you sign the documents.