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Chase Personal Loans

Chase Personal Loans – Does Chase bank offer personal loans? Searching for appropriate credit, many people often ask this question.

Chase bank does not offer personal loans but is a reliable place to get other loans for various purposes.

Keep on reading to know the details.

Presently, Chase provides its clients with various types of mortgages, auto and business loans.

Alternatively, you could look towards Citizens, Wells Fargo, or PNC whom all offer personal loan products.

There are many situations in which you can take advantage.

For this reason, other banks has implemented the following types of individual credits.

Popular Types

Bank gives loans to all clients with decent credit score.

Currently, financial institutions offers the following types:

Travel. If you have not enough money for travelling right now, bank will help you. In this case, a personal travel credit is the best option. This type of a loan goes with a much lower interest rate. It means that you will not have to spend much money on interest, which eventually allows you saving you funds.

Wedding. Every year more and more couples choose to qualify for w personal wedding. You need not wait for years to celebrate a wedding. Just take a loan and be happy at the moment. The bank statistics show that such credits are usually paid off quickly.

Education. It is another favourite type of loans among youths. It is a perfect solution to continue your education immediately. Education from bank can be used for college tuition, rental of property, books, etc.

Medical. This type of credit has become popular recently. It is the ideal variant for those people who have neither health insurance nor policy. In this case, the medical is a perfect way out to get extra cash on unexpected medical issues.

Bad credit

Bad credit is one of the most common motives clients seek out personal loans at bank.

This type of a loan will allow you rolling all credit card payments into more affordable and convenient payment.

Banks also offers a personal loan for repaying a bad credit.

The banks has two schemes on how to do it properly.

The amount of loan depends on the sum of your bad credit late payment.

To know the details, connect with the bank manager.

Chase Personal Loans


Banks provides its clients with loans starting at 3.86% and up to 6.28% (depends of the bank).

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Please keep in mind that the financial institution also charges a origination fee, a late payment fee, and prepayment fees.

Everyone can borrow from bank a personal loan starting from $5000 up to $500000.

To qualify for a personal loan, an applicant should provide the following documents:

  • Proof of citizenship or residence permit;
  • Driver’s license;
  • Recent bank statements;
  • Current pay stubs.

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  1. Lisa Kimber

    I had no idea Chase offered wedding loans! This is a HUGE relief for me. My soon to be husband and I are strapped for cash and neither of our parents can help out so we have been stuck planning the whole thing on our own. Knowing we can actually get a loan from the bank my husband already has an account with is fantastic. I will be called them during the week to see if the one near us does indeed offer this.


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